Word of the Week: 口どけ

It’s time for Word of the Week again! Last week we looked at a Japanese word or phrase beginning with ‘ki’ (き), and focussed on the phrase 気をつけて (ki o tsukete), which means ‘take care’. This week I’m looking for a word or phrase beginning with ‘ku’ (く). A big thank you to those who joined in with suggestions this week:

lovelycomplex22 suggested ‘kureru’ (くれる), ‘to give’; ‘kuwashii’ (詳しい), ‘detailed’, ‘full’, ‘accurate’, ‘knowing very well’; and ‘kuyashii’ (悔しい), ‘vexing’, ‘annoying’, ‘frustrating’; zoomingjapan also suggested ‘kuyashii’, as well as ‘kusai’ (臭い), ‘smelly’, ‘suspicious’; and ‘kudaranai’ (下らない), meaning ‘good-for-nothing’; and Japan Australia suggested ‘kuinonai (悔いのない), meaning ‘no regrets’; kuchidoke (口どけ), ‘melt in the mouth’; and kurushii (苦しい), ‘painful’.

These were all great ideas, and in the end I decided to write about…



I love the phrase ‘kuchidoke’ (口どけ / くちどけ) which means ‘melt in the mouth’. ‘Dokeru’ (どける) is the verb ‘to melt’ and ‘kuchi’ (口 / くち) means ‘mouth’. I first came across this phrase on a brand of Meiji chocolate called Melty Kiss:

Melty Kiss

Melty Kiss

Written down the middle of the Melty Kiss box in the picture above is: 雪のような口どけ (yuki no youna kuchidoke), which means ‘melts in your mouth like snow’. Melty Kiss chocolates are really soft and should be kept quite cold. They really do melt in your mouth, and they’re utterly delicious! Here’s a TV commercial for Melty Kiss, in which a girl lies in the snow singing about how she wishes all the falling snow tasted like Melty Kiss:

Other chocolate companies have also brought out ‘kuchidoke’ versions of their known brands, including Pocky and Kit Kats.

冬 Pocky

冬のくちどけホワイト Pocky (fuyu no kuchidoke white Pocky)

くちどけアーモンド (Melt-in-your-mouth Almond) Kit Kat

くちどけアーモンド (Melt-in-your-mouth Almond) Kit Kat

くちどけカカオ (melt in the mouth cocoa) Kit Kats

くちどけカカオ (melt in the mouth cocoa) Kit Kats

‘Kuchidoke’ versions of chocolate are often brought out around winter time in Japan and for some reason melt in the mouth chocolate seems to be associated more with winter than any other season.

I learnt a lot of the phrases I know from trying to read the words on food packaging. I think it’s a great way to study Japanese – it’s fun, and practical too! I can’t tell you how many hours I must have spent trying to work out how to read the kanji on Kit Kat packets… 😉


Next week’s post will be about a word or phrase beginning with ‘ke’ (け), so please leave your suggestions below. The word can be a verb, adjective or expression, but no nouns please! For example, ‘kesu’ (けす) meaning ‘to erase’ would be acceptable, but ‘keki’ (ケーキ), ‘cake’, would not. I look forward to reading your ideas! (*^_^)v

Word of the Week 2014

8 thoughts on “Word of the Week: 口どけ

  1. I didn’t know this phrase, nice post. I agree that reading food packaging is a great way to learn new words. It’s almost like there is a whole sub-language of food-related terms. If you want a real challenge try reading a recipe!

    My vote for the け word is 健気 (admirable).

    Also, if you don’t mind me pointing this out – there is a minor typo near the end of the post:

    ‘kesu’ (ください) should be (けす)


    • Ah, thanks for spotting my typo again! I should be more careful!

      I’m glad you liked the post. It’s a great phrase, isn’t it?

      Thanks for the suggestion for next week! 🙂


  2. Thanks for using my suggestion again 🙂 I really like the Pocky Fuyu no Kuchidoke series! Melty Kiss from Meiji is also really good. A few suggestions for next week are:

    Keshiki ga ii (景色がいい) Great View
    Ketahazure (桁外れ) Incredible/Extraordinary


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