A Special Sunday

Last Sunday was the last Make Sunday Special event in Bristol this year. Make Sunday Special is a monthly summer event which sees the streets of central Bristol closed for the day and local businesses setting up stalls in town. There is street entertainment, and a general feel of local community. It’s a great event, and I’m proud to live in a town which can maintain such a ‘small town’ feeling despite its size.

As a local business, the Japan specialist travel company I work for decided to join in and have a stand at the event. You can read my official report here, and this is just a few personal words about the event and some photos I took on the day.

It was a great chance to talk Japan with local people and to share Japanese culture with people who had perhaps never even considered it. We had a chopstick challenge game (picking up beans with chopsticks)…

Make Sunday Special

Chopstick challenge – not as easy as it looks!


Make Sunday Special

Super origami!

Make Sunday Special


A chance to make sushi with staff from Yume Kitchen (one of Bristol’s Japanese restaurants)

Make Sunday Special

Yume kitchen showing us how to roll

Make Sunday Special

Om nom nom

And a visit from Devon’s Kagemusha Taiko, who were wonderful!

Kagemusha Taiko at Make Sunday Special


Kagemusha Taiko at Make Sunday Special

Kagemusha Taiko were awesome!

Kagemusha Taiko at Make Sunday Special

Keep drumming!

Some of us got dressed up for the event, although I decided to keep things a bit casual so I could move around comfortably.

Make Sunday Special

Me & Yuki

Make Sunday Special

Naomi & Alice

The event felt like the first ever Bristol Japan Matsuri and, who knows, perhaps it was! I certainly hope we can have similar, and bigger, events in the future!

Make Sunday Special


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