Miso Tasty Christmas Treats!

I won another competition! This has been a pretty good year for competitions, and this is actually the second time I have won something from the wonderful Miso Tasty! Miso Tasty is a small business created by chef and food blogger Bonnie Chung. Miso Tasty is “less a food company; more a passionate mission to begin a miso movement, not just for the adventurous food lovers interested in the versatility of quality miso, but for everyone.” – and I love them! The concept and design of the product is really good and, more importantly than that, the taste is amazing! It’s definitely the best non-Japanese miso soup available in the UK.

Here’s the Christmas hamper I won!

Miso Tasty

Miso Tasty

My parcel included lots of miso soup (of course), a cute miso mug and spoon, and some fabulous Miso Tasty badges. The badges say ‘Miso Bossy’, ‘Miso Geeky’ and ‘Miso Lazzzy’. Which one do you think suits me best? 😉

Miso Tasty

Thanks for brightening up my Christmas, Miso Tasty! I don’t know about you, but Miso Hungry now!

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