Kinoco Hotel (キノコホテル) – Live in Bristol!

Kinoco Hotel

The FratHouse Presents Kinoco Hotel

When my friend and first Japanese teacher Chika先生 sent me a message to say that Kinoco Hotel were playing live in Bristol and I should go, I knew I should. I had never heard of Kinoco Hotel (キノコホテル), but soon discovered they were a “Japanese, 1960s hotel-themed all-girl group”. Hotel-themed?! I was intrigued.

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been to a pub gig, but I managed to convince a friend to join me and off we went! Of course, I had forgotten that starting at 8pm didn’t really mean starting at 8pm, and the band didn’t actually come on until 10pm. It was a shame there was no warm-up act, but the band themselves were worth the wait. They were incredibly sexy, sassy, and loud! They were dressed in these tiny little dresses with tasselled shoulders, and they had killer heels and haircuts. I was mesmerized from the moment they stepped on to the stage.

Kinoco Hotel

Kinoco Hotel – sexy!

Kinoco Hotel play a kind of garage-rock‘n’roll inspired by 1960s and 1970s pop, which reminded me quite a bit of Polysics (ポリシックス). At times they scream, at other times it’s all about the bass, and then the lead singer starts to play. She climbed, somehow, right up on top of her poor mistreated Nord keyboard and writhed about precariously up there. It was quite a show, squeezed into the corner of a little pub in Old Market! I did feel a bit sorry for the guy whose job it was to squat at the front of the stage and steady the keyboard though.

Check them out for yourself…

Kinoco Hotel - looking very Japanese!

Kinoco Hotel  – looking more ‘wa’ than ‘hotel

No photos were allowed at the gig, so all images are from Facebook:

Kinoco Hotel UK
Kinoco Hotel Japan
The Frathouse Presents – KINOCO HOTEL (event page)

2 thoughts on “Kinoco Hotel (キノコホテル) – Live in Bristol!

  1. They’re good in a surf-rock kind of way. I saw a clip of the concert.

    In Cleveland, Ohio I’ve only seen Shōnen Knife, Puffy AmiYumi, Cibo Matto, LOUDNESS, and a punk band whose name I forgot.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the comment and sharing the clip. Photos and videos weren’t allowed except for the official ones, but I’m not sure how official this is! Still, great to see them again! 🙂


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