Not a good day for technology…

Apologies for not posting the next instalment of Japan by Prefecture today, but it’s been a bit of a bad day for technology.

Last night I switched off my PC and everything was fine. When I switched it on today I had an error message saying that the disk had failed. 😦

It seems to be completely dead, so I guess I will just have to get a new one. In the meantime, I do have a laptop, but sadly it’s taken me the rest of today to get that working and it’s soooo slow. I don’t have the oomph left to deliver an interesting blog post now I’m afraid.

The good news is, I’m off work the week after next and hopefully I will have time to sort it all out then, if not before. So, bear with me. I’ll be back!

Zenkoji, Nagano

3 thoughts on “Not a good day for technology…

  1. My desktop PC failed as well as few months ago and we decided to not get a new one since laptops do almost everything these days. If you are looking for a faster laptop that is reliable I would recommend a MacBook Pro. Expensive but in my opinion worth it.


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