Latest kokeshi addition

Introducing the latest addition to my kokeshi doll family…


My friend rescued this kokeshi for me from the internet as an early birthday present. She’s absolutely gorgeous, but I don’t know anything about her origin. She has a slight wonkiness about her, which I like. The head was separate and just slots on with a wooden dowel – it’s quite wobbly.


On the front is some writing which appears to be a haiku. Can anyone read it? There’s no obvious signature, and nothing at all on the base.


I’d love to know where she’s from and what her story is…

2 thoughts on “Latest kokeshi addition

  1. It could be a haiku, and I see some words that could be someone’s name as well, but the writing’s too cursive for me to read. I showed a Japanese co-worker as well, and even she said she wasn’t able to read it.


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