Japan 2015: Christmas!

So, I’m back in the UK now after an amazing month in Japan, and Christmas has already been and gone. Japan was Christmas crazy whilst I was there, with festive tunes playing in every shop, lift and hotel, and Christmas displays everywhere. Everything was lit up, covered in santas and very, very sparkly. Christmas was everywhere, and yet Christmas isn’t even a holiday in Japan. It’s purely a commercial event, and by 25th December it’s usually all gone to make way for New Year (which is the biggest holiday of the year).

Here in the UK Christmas may have passed, but it will linger in the form of food and decorations until at least the New Year. As Christmas in Japan is just a distant memory for everyone now, I thought I would share a little collection of some of the Christmassy things I saw on my travels to keep things festive…

Watch this space for detailed posts about my adventures coming soon! I have about 7,500 photos to sort through… thank goodness it’s the holidays! 😉

2 thoughts on “Japan 2015: Christmas!

  1. We saw the opening nights of White Illumination in Sapporo and progressed down over the next three weeks to Luminairie in Kobe – just glorious. Numerous cities between had their own lesser versions of Illumination but the light and sound show at the steps of Kyoto JR was just brilliant. I hope someone puts it on Y-Tube.


  2. Haha, I see my food there! ;P

    Glad to hear you’re back safe and sound. I’m envious that you got to stay for such a long time and am looking forward to reading more about it! ^___^
    Happy Holidays! :3


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