Japan 2015: A Warm Welcome Home

I’m finally ready to start writing in more detail about my recent trip to Japan, and I warn you now it may take a while! My trip was from 18th November – 21st December, and I had a LOT of adventures in that time. It all began on 19th November when I arrived at Narita Airport and made my way straight to Nagoya (名古屋). My trip was originally just going to be a holiday and then I was asked to add a work research trip on to it, so that explains the slightly unusual order of my itinerary, and also why I crammed so much in. My company’s office is very conveniently in Nagoya, which is the city I called home for two years from 2008. Still today Nagoya is the city in Japan where most of my friends live. Although some have now moved away to other cities and even other countries, I also have new friends at work and it was my first time to meet some of them.

Every time I return to Nagoya I’m delighted to feel so welcome, and it’s just like coming home. Straight after I arrived I met my best friend Kazue in my favourite cafe, Komeda (コメダ) and instantly felt at home. Everything felt familiar, and the only thing that was new was this wonderful apple and cinnamon Shiro no Whirl (シロノワール) on the Komeda menu!

Komeda's apple & cinnamon シロノワール

The night I arrived I met my colleagues for dinner (another colleague was visiting from our US office, so that was great!) and then the following day I went to work. Working in the Nagoya office is great, and feels very normal. It’s pretty cool to be able to just go to work in another country! I had a lovely time with my colleagues in the office, at lunch and after work!

After one day at work my holiday began, and it started with a one night trip with Kazue, which I’ll come to in my next post. When we returned to Nagoya we met up with all my old friends from AEON, both teachers and students, and also met up with Kazue’s family, who have always been so good to me. It was just fabulous to see so many friends, and I always feel quite overwhelmed by their kindness.

AEON friends together again!

AEON friends together again!

It was lovely to see everyone! I hope to see them all again soon…

2 thoughts on “Japan 2015: A Warm Welcome Home

  1. Such a treasure to have ‘family’ in another nation and to so immediately feel at home.
    We now realise we have two ‘normals’ – one for Australia and another for Nippon. Even better when you can move between the two without a bump.


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