360° BOOK: Mount Fuji (富士山) and Snow White (白雪姫)

I recently had the pleasure of receiving some sample copies of one of Seigensha Art Publishing‘s latest offerings: 360° BOOK. These two books, Mount Fuji (富士山) and Snow White (白雪姫), are really fun, beautiful books, and they would make great gifts.

360° BOOKS

360° BOOKS

Seigensha say of this series:

The 360° BOOK is a new revolutionary format that enables the artist to create a panoramic three-dimensional world. The book opens and expands into a dynamic circle of pages. Each page is finely crafted works of art, drawing the viewer from a scene of two dimensions to a three-dimensional world diorama. The 360° BOOKS are detailed and beautiful making a wonderful gift or element of decoration in a room.

About the artist
Yusuke Oono (大野 友資) was born in Germany in 1983 and graduated from the University of Tokyo where he obtained both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in architecture. He is the recipient of the ‘Art Directors Club of New York’ and has received many other awards. He works primarily as an architect but is also active in other related fields including interior product design and art installation.

Mount Fuji (富士山)

360 Book

360 Book

360 Book

Snow White (白雪姫)

360 Book

360 Book

360 Book

These three-dimensional laser-cut picture books don’t really tell a story, but they are incredibly intricate works of art. Here’s a video showing how they are made:

If you’re interested in getting your hands on these gorgeous gift books, they can be purchased via the Seigensha website: Mount Fuji, Snow White. The books cost a slightly steep ¥2,500 (£17) each, but they really are quite lovely.

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