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Weekly Shiritori #15

Weekly Shiritori #15

Last week’s post was about Iwate (いわて/ 岩手), so this week I need to start with て (te). This game of shiritori is so much more fun when you join in with your comments and suggestions, and this week I had an interesting suggestion for a て topic from ラマタ. She suggested I write about… Tearai … Continue reading

Surviving in Japan (without much Japanese)

Surviving in Japan (without much Japanese) is one of the best websites available for tips on how to survive in Japan when your Japanese isn’t quite up to scratch yet. The website, created by the lovely Ashley Thompson, covers everything from tampons to teaching, mosquitos to mail – and all in amazing detail. I’m mentioning this … Continue reading

Support Japan Bra

I just read this on Daily Triumph Creates “Support Japan Bra”. Apparently, “The popular lingerie manufacturer Triumph created a new and odd model named “Support Japan Bra”. The lingerie doesn’t consist only in bras, but in differed lingerie pieces. They all carry messages of encouragement for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.” Hmm. The … Continue reading

Girls just wanna have… mochi!

While browsing in the “depachika” (basement of the department store where all of the cool food is sold) of the Entetsu department store, I came across these cute little “ichigo daifuku” which were coloured and designed especially for Hina-matsuri (March 3rd): “Daifuku” (which means “great luck”) are usually sweet mochi balls filled with red bean paste … Continue reading

Hello, Dolly!

March 3rd is Hina-matsuri (雛祭り/Doll’s Festival) in Japan. Hina-matsuri, also known as “Girl’s Day” is an annual celebration which began in the Heian period. In February families which have daughters display Hina dolls in their homes. The dolls are then taken down straight after the festival. It is said that it’s bad luck to leave … Continue reading

Are you easily shocked?

Ladies, are you easily shocked?  (>.<) Do you find yourself constantly getting little electric shocks from everything around you? More annoyingly, does your skirt’s lining keep getting stuck on your tights, causing your skirt to ride up at inappropriate times? Damn that dry Japanese air! Don’t worry – I have stumbled upon a solution….. “Eleguard” … Continue reading

Getting “the pill” in Japan…

As a non-Japanese woman living in Japan, and as a representative of Being A Broad, I feel it is my duty to share the following story. It’s a slightly different topic to my usual posts, and it’s definitely one for the ladies! 😉 So, one of the annoying and troublesome things about being a foreign … Continue reading


Today, a friend of mine used the phrase “grass-eaters” in an email, and I really couldn’t fathom what she was talking about!  I queried the phrase, and she sent me a link to a very interesting article.  According to Slate, Japan is currently panicking about “the rise of ‘grass-eating men’, who shun sex, don’t spend … Continue reading