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Weekly Shiritori #40

Weekly Shiritori #40

Last week’s post was about Purikura (プリクラ), so this week I need to start with ら (ra). A big thank you to everyone who joined in this week, and a reminder to everyone who’s playing the game that you can’t play words ending with ん (n) because no words begin with ん and it would … Continue reading

Introducing… The ICN cafe

Introducing… The ICN cafe

As many of you will know, my favourite Japanese art gallery in London is the ICN gallery. As it happens, the ICN gallery also has a cafe, and it’s fast becoming one of my favourite places to eat (or just stop for tea) when I’m out and about in Shoreditch. The lovely people at the … Continue reading

Weekly Shiritori #7

Weekly Shiritori #7

Last week’s post was about kendo (けんどう / 剣道), so this week I need to start with う (u). I decided to write about… Umeboshi (うめぼし / 梅干)  (Image source) Umeboshi are pickled plums (although the literal translation is “dried plums”). These Japanese plums are actually more like apricots and, believe me, they really pack a … Continue reading

Zen and the Art of Healthy Eating

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to a wonderful event at the Embassy of Japan called “Zen and the Art of Healthy Eating”.  The event was all about “shojin ryori” (Buddhist cuisine), which I’m a big fan of because not only is it veggie, it’s delicious! Shojin ryori was introduced to the audience … Continue reading

Surviving in Japan (without much Japanese)

Surviving in Japan (without much Japanese) is one of the best websites available for tips on how to survive in Japan when your Japanese isn’t quite up to scratch yet. The website, created by the lovely Ashley Thompson, covers everything from tampons to teaching, mosquitos to mail – and all in amazing detail. I’m mentioning this … Continue reading

Stressed-out Japan…

I learnt a new Japanese buzzword today: “taijyou houshin” (たいじょうほうしん / 帯状疱疹).  When you look this up in the dictionary it says “shingles; herpes zoster”, which I couldn’t really connect to what I was hearing about this illness. In my mind, “shingles” is “adult chicken pox”, but on closer inspection it seems that “shingles” is actually … Continue reading

The Dentist.

When I was living in Nagoya I had the pleasure of visiting the dentist. At that time, the dentist told me (via translation, of course) that one of my teeth was really messed up. He said he could fill it for now but it may not last. He also said that if the filling came … Continue reading

Getting “the pill” in Japan…

As a non-Japanese woman living in Japan, and as a representative of Being A Broad, I feel it is my duty to share the following story. It’s a slightly different topic to my usual posts, and it’s definitely one for the ladies! 😉 So, one of the annoying and troublesome things about being a foreign … Continue reading