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Japan by Prefecture: Aichi (愛知県)

Japan by Prefecture: Aichi (愛知県)

It’s time for ‘Japan by Prefecture‘ again! This is the series that aims to provide the highlights of each prefecture of Japan, along with my personal favourites and suggestions from readers. This week, we’re looking at Aichi (愛知県). Aichi Prefecture is part of the Chubu Region (中部地方) and the capital is Nagoya (名古屋市). Thank you to Japan Australia and Paul for making comments and suggestions … Continue reading

J-Festa: Entertainment in Japan

I don’t know what has happened to October, but it’s almost over and that means the deadline for this month’s J-Festa has snuck up on me. October’s theme is: Entertainment in Japan, and here’s my entry! There are so many forms of entertainment in Japan, and what you choose simply depends what you’re into. I … Continue reading

A-Z of Japan: M is for…

The obvious choice for M in my A-Z of Japan would be matcha (抹茶), but I talk about the all the time.  Another far too obvious topic would be manga (漫画) but, as I’ve often said, I’m really not into it enough to be able to write at length. Anyway, where would you begin with such a … Continue reading

Meiji Mura

Recently, I went to Meiji Mura.  It’s taken me a few weeks to make this post, because I’m up to my eyeballs in work and packing at the moment. Going to Meiji Mura was something I had meant to do the whole time I’ve been living in Nagoya, but had never quite gotten around to.  … Continue reading

A little Adventure, a Little World…

Sorry for the lack of blogs recently.  I’ve been busy with the lead up to Christmas and the New Year. However, to make up for it, here’s the first in a whole bunch of blogs about my recent adventures.  My mum came out to Japan (for the third time!) during my winter vacation, so we … Continue reading

One year anniversary…

A year ago today I was a jumble of nerves and anticipation because, a year ago tomorrow, I was due to fly to Japan to start my new life as an English teacher in Nagoya.  It feels strange to look back at my early posts from my hotel room – I was half on holiday … Continue reading