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Atsuta Jingu and Ise Jingu

I decided to start the year in style – Japanese style!  On January 1st, my mum and I went to Atsuta Jingu, and on January 2nd we went to Ise Jingu.  These shrines are, I believe, two of the biggest and most important shrines in the Shinto religion.  Of course, that means that both shrines … Continue reading

A Very Japanese New Year…

あけましておめでとうございます! Happy New Year! I had the pleasure of spending my New Year’s Eve doing very typical Japanese things, with my mum, my friends and their family, in Anjo.  New Year (Oshogatsu) is a big deal in Japan, probably the biggest festival, so it was totally awesome to do it properly! First, a feast was … Continue reading

Showa Mura

On December 31st, some friends took my mum and I to Showa Mura in Gifu Prefecture.  Sorry, that website is in Japanese and I can’t find any real information about it in English (unlike its slightly more popular cousin, Meiji Mura).  Showa Mura, as you would expect, celebrates the Showa period of Japanese history, 1926 … Continue reading