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Personal update (plus cute stuff!)

Hi folks! I just thought I’d check in with a personal update as I haven’t been online quite as much recently. As most of you will know, I came back from Japan in April, and have been living in Bognor Regis since then. It was never my intention to stay in Bognor long, but it … Continue reading

The Stress Free Guide to Leaving Japan

Leaving Japan was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Luckily, I had a little help… I was asked to review Laura Pepper’s e-book The Stress Free Guide to Leaving Japan for the wonderful Being A Broad magazine. The review has just been publishing in Being A Broad’s new online magazine … Continue reading


About two months ago nine boxes containing almost all of my worldly belongings were collected from my apartment in Hamamatsu. Today, finally, I have been reunited with my stuff! 😀 I used a shipping company called Shipmates and I feel happy to say that I would recommend them. Their service was fast and efficient, and … Continue reading

Everybody’s talkin’ at me…

The title of this post comes from the song “Everybody’s Talkin’” which was recorded by, among others, Harry Nilsson. The lyrics have been in my head since I got back to the UK: Everybody’s talking at me I don’t hear a word they’re saying Only the echoes of my mind People stopping staring I can’t … Continue reading

Last day…

It’s my last day at my job today. This year in Hamamatsu has gone by so fast. It feels like just yesterday that I was getting excited about moving here from Nagoya. And when I think that I’ve been in Japan for three years – well that seems hard to believe too. My students have … Continue reading

Another suitcase in another hall…

It’s moving day today – time to move out of my home of the last year and into a hotel. For the next eleven nights I will be living in a selection of Toyoko Inn hotels. I quite like being in a hotel actually, because I don’t have to do any cooking or cleaning. 😉 … Continue reading

Love Letter to Japan…

Love Letter to Japan by The Bird and The Bee From the west to the east, I have flown to be near you I have come all this way to be close, to be here with you And now, all my heart I will lay down precisely at your feet My beloved, oh my sweet, … Continue reading

It’s nothing to do with the earthquake!

Talk about bad timing. This week at school we started announcing my imminent departure. Naturally students are surprised and, as I suspected would happen, I have already been asked a few times: “Are you leaving because of the earthquake???” So I’d just like to clear this up: No. I am not leaving because of the … Continue reading

Moving update

My shipment of boxes was due to be collected today, but I was doubting that it would all go according to plan after the recent disaster in Japan. Of course, I would have understood my plans having to change but naturally I didn’t want to have to re-plan everything I had already planned so carefully. … Continue reading