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Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2016: Noriben – The Recipe For Fortune (のんちゃんのり弁)

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2016: Noriben – The Recipe For Fortune (のんちゃんのり弁)

Yesterday I went to see another of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme films at the Watershed, Noriben – The Recipe For Fortune (のんちゃんのり弁). (Image source) Guaranteed to whet your appetite, this heartfelt human drama traces a single mother’s journey to independence after an appetising revelation sees her decide to pursue the opening of her own bento shop. … Continue reading

Weekly Shiritori #7

Weekly Shiritori #7

Last week’s post was about kendo (けんどう / 剣道), so this week I need to start with う (u). I decided to write about… Umeboshi (うめぼし / 梅干)  (Image source) Umeboshi are pickled plums (although the literal translation is “dried plums”). These Japanese plums are actually more like apricots and, believe me, they really pack a … Continue reading

Restaurant Review: Cha no Ma

I really am lucky to be working near Baker Street! One of the many reasons is that I’m within walking distance of a lovely little Japanese cafe called Cha no Ma. (Photo from the Cha no Ma website) You could easily walk past Cha no Ma without noticing it. The cafe sits humbly on busy … Continue reading

This is not just sushi…

…it’s M&S sushi! 😉 Yesterday I popped to Chichester, which is just a bit nicer than Bognor Regis. Because it’s nicer, there’s a better selection of shops. I went into M&S (Marks & Spencer) to check out their sushi range. They actually had quite a lot of choices (considering where I was), but all of … Continue reading

Making onigiri – in England!

Many of you will be shocked to know that, a couple of days ago, I woke up and decided to cook! I’m not known for my cooking, but I do enjoy having a go. When I went to the supermarket last weekend, I picked up some ingredients to try to make my own onigiri (rice … Continue reading

Business lunch in Ueno…

If you’re a busy business person working in Ueno (Tokyo), where would you choose to escape to for your lunch break? Well, when I was walking around Ueno recently I discovered the answer: Shitaya Shrine. Shitaya Shrine houses deities for business prosperity, and harmony and happiness in marriage, according to the sign: It was basically … Continue reading

Nagano adventure pt. 1/3: Zenkoji

What better way to celebrate a three-year friendship and a three-year “Japanniversary” than with an adventure in Nagano? This post is part one of three, and it’s about Zenkoji. My friend Kazue and I arrived in Nagano around midday on Sunday 20th March. Having already eaten “hayaben” (an early lunch) on the train: We made … Continue reading

Adventures in a tiny kitchen, part 1

Living in Japan poses a major problem if you like to cook.  What I mean is, unless you’re lucky enough to be rich, you are probably going to end up with a kitchen the size of a linen closet.  My kitchen consists of: 2 electric burners (I’m lucky to have two – many people I … Continue reading