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Japan 2014: Nagoya Homecoming

Japan 2014: Nagoya Homecoming

It’s the last day of August and I’m still writing about my travels in May… (>_<) I hope I can get caught up before Christmas! On 18th May, after a fantastic time exploring Kamikochi with my friend, we headed back to Nagoya. Nagoya is my home in Japan, and it was wonderful to return after … Continue reading

A trip to Tesco…

I had to stay in a lot this week because I was waiting for a delivery. By the time it finally arrived I had serious cabin fever and had to get out! As well as cabin fever, I had a bit of “homesickness” for Japan. It wasn’t just Japan that I was missing, but also … Continue reading

My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 11th

I’m always excited when I see the red cups appear in Starbucks, because I know that means it’s officially Christmas! These Christmas drinks have been available since some time in November, and will disappear at the end of December, I think. In Japan this year, the Starbucks special Christmas drinks are: キャラメル エクレール ラテ (Caramel … Continue reading