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Zen and the Art of Healthy Eating

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to a wonderful event at the Embassy of Japan called “Zen and the Art of Healthy Eating”.  The event was all about “shojin ryori” (Buddhist cuisine), which I’m a big fan of because not only is it veggie, it’s delicious! Shojin ryori was introduced to the audience … Continue reading

Visit Japan… because Wossy says you should!

If you were running an event at the Embassy of Japan in London to promote tourism in Japan, which British celebrity would you want to invite? You’d want someone who actively encourages people to visit Japan, wouldn’t you? Someone who loves Japanese culture and knows more about anime and gadgets than most of the Embassy … Continue reading

Beyond Words | Beyond Borders: Messages to Tohoku

If you’re in London and interested in Japan, you might like to pop down to the Embassy of Japan before 30th September to see their current exhibition “Beyond Words | Beyond  Borders: Messages to Tohoku“. (Image: Embassy of Japan) The exhibition is a collection of colourful messages to Japan from school children across the UK. … Continue reading

IRO IRO – Japan, in Colour

Entering the room, I am met with a blast of colour. To my right, there are psychedelic paintings of flowers and angular shapes. To my left, a small painted jizo statue with a bright red bib. In front of me, a large sign proclaims “Kyoto, Nara, Wonderful!“, above a huge mural containing every stereotypical image … Continue reading