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Love Letter to Japan…

Love Letter to Japan by The Bird and The Bee From the west to the east, I have flown to be near you I have come all this way to be close, to be here with you And now, all my heart I will lay down precisely at your feet My beloved, oh my sweet, … Continue reading

Five gaijin walk into a shed…

…and get some very funny looks from the kids playing baseball nearby. Why? Because this is a special shed. An… “adult” shed, if you will. Yes, this shed contains porn. Actually, vending machines full of porn. They didn’t photograph well because they were covered in thick plastic (probably to stop the likes of us taking … Continue reading

Should Japanese speak English in Japan?

I woke up to a strongly worded comment on my blog this morning. To quote: For me, Japanese, what you described about the people at the immigration office offended my feeling pretty much. Because the nuance of your story is telling me that the people at the immigration office should or must communicate with non-Japanese … Continue reading