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Shaking things up on my last night in Japan…

So, I’m lying in bed reading and relaxing in my hotel room on the 5th floor, when all of a sudden everything begins to violently shake. The curtains were swaying, the wardrobe looked close to collapsing, and everything was rattling – even my teeth as I gritted them. I stood, I waited, eventually it passed. … Continue reading

Breakfast with Businessmen

One of the best things about staying in a hotel is when that hotel has free breakfast. I’m staying in a Toyoko Inn and they usually offer a Japanese style breakfast which mainly consists of “onigiri” (rice balls), miso soup, and salad/vegetables. I can’t eat salad for breakfast, but I think onigiri are great! This … Continue reading

Another suitcase in another hall…

It’s moving day today – time to move out of my home of the last year and into a hotel. For the next eleven nights I will be living in a selection of Toyoko Inn hotels. I quite like being in a hotel actually, because I don’t have to do any cooking or cleaning. 😉 … Continue reading

Live from Capsule Ryokan, Kyoto!

This post is coming to you live from Capsule Ryokan in Kyoto, where me and Miss Kitty are staying tonight! “Wait a minute!” I hear you say. “Capsule? Ryokan? Capsule Ryokan? What’s that all about then?” Let me explain. Capsule Ryokan is the first of its kind in the world. It’s a super foreigner-friendly, cheap … Continue reading