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Dining in Japan: Kaiten-zushi

Recently, when I went to YO!Sushi with some friends, one friend asked me: “Do restaurants like this actually exist in Japan?“. Initially I was surprised by the question. Of course they do! It hadn’t occurred to me that people might think that YO!Sushi was England’s take on a sushi restaurant. This style of restaurant, in … Continue reading

Yo! Sushi

I’ve been back in England about a week and have been having some real pangs of “homesickness” for Japan, and cravings for Japanese food. Today, April 29th, was a day when most people in England were making the most of an extra day off work and celebrating the royal wedding.  I and my mum were … Continue reading

Kappa Sushi & Cats Cafe

When I first came to Japan I had the misconception that sushi would be everywhere and readily available. In a way, it is. I mean, you can buy sushi in the convenience store and it’s pretty good sushi. But I thought kaiten-zushi, or “conveyor belt sushi”, would be more common than it is. Anyway, my … Continue reading