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Events in Japan: Festivals

Whenever I hear that someone is going to Japan I get so excited for them and want to share advice about all the wonderful things to do there. One thing I would recommend to all visitors is to try to check out a festival (matsuri/祭り) while you’re there. All throughout the year there are various … Continue reading

ざうお (The Fish!)

My friends took me to a pretty unusual restaurant recently… The restaurant is called ざうお, which means “The Fish”.  Before arriving, my friend told me “there’s a small sea inside the restaurant”, and I couldn’t quite imagine what she meant. But, she was right. There was a small sea inside the restaurant, and a boat… … Continue reading

Honen Matsuri (a PG rated post…)

“The penises came out two by two – hurrah! Hurrah!” Erm.. yes.  Today I went to a penis festival. Well, actually, today I went to the Honen Matsuri (豊年祭) at Tagata Shrine, near Komaki (near Nagoya).  ‘Honen Matsuri’ is Japanese for ‘Harvest Festival’, but this is a fertility festival, where the main theme seems to … Continue reading