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Visit Japan… because Wossy says you should!

If you were running an event at the Embassy of Japan in London to promote tourism in Japan, which British celebrity would you want to invite? You’d want someone who actively encourages people to visit Japan, wouldn’t you? Someone who loves Japanese culture and knows more about anime and gadgets than most of the Embassy … Continue reading

March 11th – six months on

“Now all we can do is look forward. We only have one life, after all.” Takashige Kowata, Fukushima evacuee. I know a lot of people are thinking about America today, what with it being ten years since 9/11. But for me (and for many people), it’s a different anniversary. Today marks six months since the … Continue reading

Tokyo Rising

Tokyo Rising is an urban exploration documentary produced by VICE Media and sponsored by Palladium Boots, which highlights different cities across the world and the creative youth behind them. The host, Pharrell (of N*E*R*D), travels to Tokyo and explores how the youth are rising to meet the challenges of the “3/11 disaster” and asking the question of … Continue reading

Charity at Hyper Japan

This is, finally, my last post about Hyper Japan (which happened in July). Sorry it’s taken me so long to write about everything, but there was just so much cool stuff there! As well as all the amazing displays of Japanese culture (both modern and traditional), there was an important theme of “Genki Giving“. Throughout … Continue reading

Yet I Still Dare to Hope

“Yet I Still Dare to Hope” is the name of a new photo exhibition which is taking place this weekend. The exhibition shows photographs taken by Christina Aiton in the aftermath of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It focuses on the people living in the disaster‐hit town of Shichigahama, which is in Miyagi prefecture of … Continue reading

Message from Japan

Four months ago today, everything changed in Japan. The March 11th Tohoku earthquake and tsunami is something we will never forget. Now, more than ever, Japan needs you. Japan is a safe, beautiful, fascinating country, and the people of Japan need your tourism now more than ever. Today I saw a video, featuring the Japanese … Continue reading

Japanese Art Festival in London

On July 2nd I had the pleasure of attending the Japanese Art Festival held at Conway Hall in London. It was a two-day event, but I only attended on the Saturday. The day was packed with all sorts of entertainment, from traditional music to tea ceremony, cosplay to maid cafes. It was fab! 😀 The … Continue reading