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Reasons to visit Japan #1

Reasons to visit Japan #1

It’s no secret that I would happily book a holiday to Japan today if I had the money, and I’m always on the look out for more reasons to add to my list of “why it’s ok to consider getting into debt to visit the country I love”. So, throughout the year I will sometimes … Continue reading

Matcha & Azuki Roll Cake

Matcha & Azuki Roll Cake

As a special post-Christmas treat, my mum surprised me by preparing all the ingredients to make the matcha and azuki roll cake I had recently drooled over on the Japan Centre website. I’ll admit that both of us thought it might be a bit of a challenge, but it was a challenge we were willing … Continue reading

30 Things I Love About Japan

30 Things I Love About Japan

It’s my birthday today, so I’ve decided to write a very self-indulgent post featuring some of the things I love about Japan. I’ve picked 30 random topics off the top of my head, in no particular order – one for every candle on my virtual birthday cake. 😉 1. Takoyaki Osaka’s favourite octopus balls! 2. … Continue reading

A-Z of Japan: G is for…

When contemplating the next post in my A-Z of Japan series, I thought I might write about geisha (芸者), ganguro (顔黒) or gashapon (ガシャポン). However, there was another topic that was in my mind, a topic I haven’t been able to forget about since leaving Japan. So… G is for… Green Tea Frappuccino! Known as “Matcha … Continue reading

A box of green goodies from Japan!

I’ve been home exactly two months and am still missing Japan so much. I get my little Japan-fixes whenever and wherever I can, but it’s still hard some days. As I’m sure you can imagine, I was thrilled to come home to a box from Japan yesterday, and even more thrilled to open it and … Continue reading

A-Z of Japan: A is for…

Today I’m starting a new series called “A-Z of Japan”, where I will choose one Japan-related topic to represent each letter of the alphabet every week. If possible, I’m going to choose less obvious topics. For example, today I will be looking at A. I could write about anime (アニメ), Akiba (アキバ), AKB48, Asakusa (浅草), … Continue reading

Quick Japan-fixes in London

I spent the day in London yesterday because I had some meetings at recruitment agencies (still no job… sigh). While I was there, I took the opportunity to get some quick Japan-fixes… First, I accidentally ordered a Matcha Chiller in Eat. I know, I know. How can you “accidentally” order something?! Well, I was thinking … Continue reading

A taste of the familiar…

I’m a very lucky girl. My mum had to go to London for work today, so she dropped in to the Japan Centre and picked up a surprise for me! 😀 She got me a matcha (green tea) melon pan (メロンパン / melon bread) – my favourite – and some bottled green tea. I’m so happy … Continue reading