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Monthly Recipe: Melon Pan (メロンパン)

Monthly Recipe: Melon Pan (メロンパン)

Those of you who know Japan will surely know melon pan! Melon pan, available in all convenience stores across Japan, is a kind of sweet bread bun. Melon pan is made from an enriched dough covered in a thin layer of crisp cookie dough… and it’s gooooood! They’re called ‘melon pan’ not because of a melon … Continue reading

A taste of the familiar…

I’m a very lucky girl. My mum had to go to London for work today, so she dropped in to the Japan Centre and picked up a surprise for me! 😀 She got me a matcha (green tea) melon pan (メロンパン / melon bread) – my favourite – and some bottled green tea. I’m so happy … Continue reading

Approaching Asakusa from a different angle…

Senso-ji in Asakusa is probably Tokyo’s most famous temple, and I have visited there a number of times. However, this time (on 15th April) I approached it from a whole different angle and saw things in a new way. I usually approach the bold red temple gate from the “main entrance”, by which I mean … Continue reading