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A-Z of Japan: N is for…

N could be for a number of things, in my A-Z of Japan. Ninja (忍者) or natto (納豆)? Nikko (日光市) or NHK? Or even Noda (野田), the new Prime Minister of Japan. But I’ve decided to write about something else. Something important to me… N is for… Nagoya! Nagoya is the third-largest incorporated city and the fourth most populous urban … Continue reading

Events in Japan: Festivals

Whenever I hear that someone is going to Japan I get so excited for them and want to share advice about all the wonderful things to do there. One thing I would recommend to all visitors is to try to check out a festival (matsuri/祭り) while you’re there. All throughout the year there are various … Continue reading

Ocean Day (海の日)

Today is Ocean Day (Umi no hi / 海の日) in Japan. Ocean Day (also known as Marine Day or Sea Day) happens on the third Monday in July. According to Wikipedia: “The day was known as Marine Memorial Day (海の記念日 umi no kinen bi) until 1996. Communications Minister Shozo Murata designated the holiday in 1942 to … Continue reading

A-Z of Japan: D is for…

Anyone who knows me will know that there is only one possible topic for this week’s A-Z of Japan. In my mind, D is not for dango (団子), Doraemon (ドラえもん) or Dragon Ball (ドラゴンボール). D is for… Daibutsu! Daibutsu (大仏) are giant Buddha statues, and I love them. In fact, I love them so much that … Continue reading

Last day…

It’s my last day at my job today. This year in Hamamatsu has gone by so fast. It feels like just yesterday that I was getting excited about moving here from Nagoya. And when I think that I’ve been in Japan for three years – well that seems hard to believe too. My students have … Continue reading

Hamamatsu Hanami

There has been a lot of talk of subdued “hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) parties this year, or even cancelling them altogether. While of course I respect that some people are in mourning, or simply don’t have the means to have a hanami party this year due to the huge disaster in Tohoku, I do think … Continue reading

My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 25th

Merry Christmas! メリークリスマス! I’ve enjoyed putting together these daily “Japanese Advent Calendar” posts and now, as a final Christmas Day post, here is a little video I put together of X’mas in Japan, 2008 – 2010. So, that’s it. Christmas is over for another year. Actually, it seemed to be over before it had even … Continue reading

Hisashiburi (久しぶり)

Hisashiburi (久しぶり) means “long time no see” or “it’s been a while” in Japanese. I went to Nagoya yesterday for the first time since I left seven months ago. I didn’t realise how much I missed Nagoya until the train pulled in to the familiar station. As the train approached, I felt the same anticipation … Continue reading