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Yan Yan – learning with food

Yan Yan – learning with food

I recently discovered a Japanese snack called Yan Yan. I don’t recall ever seeing Yan Yan while I was in Japan, but I found them for sale from Tofu Cute (an online shop selling kawaii things and Japanese snacks such as Pocky). I was sold on Yan Yan when I discovered they are not only a … Continue reading

Happy Pocky Day!

It’s November 11th, 2011… It’s Pocky day! 😀 (Buy Pocky in the UK from Tofu Cute) Why is it Pocky day? Because 11.11.11 looks like a bunch of Pocky, that’s why! No, I didn’t make this up myself. 11th November is always Pocky Day, but this year is an extra special one because of the … Continue reading

Pocky’s European cousin…

Mikado. It looks like a fake Pocky impersonator, doesn’t it? But on closer inspection I can see that it is actually made by Glico, as is Pocky (in fact, Pocky’s Wiki page actually says “In Europe, Pocky was renamed Mikado“). [Edit: I have been corrected. Mikado is not actually made by Glico, it is manufactured … Continue reading


One thing I promised myself before I came to Japan was that I wouldn’t get hooked on Pocky.  On my first visit to Japan in 2006 I ate a lot of Pocky and brought a lot of it back with me.  It was one thing I was aware of before I came here, and I … Continue reading