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Events in Japan: Festivals

Whenever I hear that someone is going to Japan I get so excited for them and want to share advice about all the wonderful things to do there. One thing I would recommend to all visitors is to try to check out a festival (matsuri/祭り) while you’re there. All throughout the year there are various … Continue reading

Nagano adventure pt. 3/3: Snow Monkeys!

Welcome to part three of my Nagano adventure (sorry to be so slow in posting this)! Please check out part one and part two as well. On the Monday (21st March), it was finally time for the main part of our trip. The whole reason to go to Nagano was to see snow monkeys. These … Continue reading

It NEVER snows in Hamamatsu…

…or so they said! 😉 I looked out of the window last night and thought, “That looks like snow!”. Throwing on a jacket over my pajamas and grabbing my camera, I dashed out into the night. I didn’t expect there to still be snow in the morning! ☆★☆ ☆★☆ I know it’s not exactly epic … Continue reading

A trip to the mall…

What better activity on a cold January day than a trip to the mall? I usually take the bus to the mall but, despite the freezing cold wind it was a bright sunny day when I woke up, so I decided to attempt walking there this time. It was about three miles from my apartment, … Continue reading