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My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 11th

I’m always excited when I see the red cups appear in Starbucks, because I know that means it’s officially Christmas! These Christmas drinks have been available since some time in November, and will disappear at the end of December, I think. In Japan this year, the Starbucks special Christmas drinks are: キャラメル エクレール ラテ (Caramel … Continue reading

My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 1st

As anyone who knows me will know, I’m crazy about Christmas! So, I’ve decided to bring you a daily photo of something relating to Christmas in Japan, from December 1st until Christmas Day. I’ve called it “My Japanese Advent Calendar“. Enjoy! So, here is my image for December 1st: This actually is my Japanese advent … Continue reading

Starbucks in Japan

As some of you will know, I’m a bit addicted to Starbucks (or スタバ as they call it here in Japan). But how different is Starbucks in Japan compared to Starbucks in the UK? Not very different to be honest! The main difference I’ve noticed is the occasional unusual flavor. One famous example of this … Continue reading