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Brighton Japan Festival: Moshi Matsuri, Saturday 18th June 2011

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Brighton Japan Festival (ブライトン日本フェスティバル) today, and feel like I’ve just returned from a day-trip to Japan! 😀 It was everything I had hoped for – and more. There was traditional music, modern music, stalls selling interesting and cute Japanese items and food glorious food. The whole event … Continue reading

Yaramaika Music Festival

Yesterday I went to the Yaramaika Music Festival here in Hamamatsu. It was a 2-day event, held on Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, there was heavy rain on Saturday, so I think it was a bit of a wash-out. Fortunately, I was working then, and Sunday was the main day anyway. My main reason for attending … Continue reading

Haiku Day

According to a friend, and (after a little bit of Googling) according to the Japanese version of Wikipedia, today (August 19th) is Haiku Day, or 俳句の日. I had no idea there was a day for celebrating haiku, and there doesn’t seem to be much information about it at all in English anywhere on the web. … Continue reading

Thai Festival…

Yesterday I went to a Thai Festival in Nagoya. Nagoya really seems to know how to do its festivals and celebrations. This was a well organised and very enjoyable event. I couldn’t help compare it to similar festivals I’ve been to in London. London is good at putting on multicultural events, but they are always … Continue reading