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Weekly Shiritori #29

Weekly Shiritori #29

Last week’s post was about Rikuzentakata (りくぜんたかた / 陸前高田), so this week I need to start with た (ta). A big thank you to japanaustralia for suggesting Takayama (高山), Takamatsu (高松), Takahashi (高梁), tanuki (狸 / an animal), and taue (田植 / planting rice). In the end, I decided to write about… Tanuki (たぬき / 狸) Tanuki are something you will, without a doubt, notice if you … Continue reading

A-Z of Japan: Y is for…

This is the penultimate post in my A-Z of Japan series, so it’s time for Y. Y could be for a lot of things, such as the beautiful city Yokohama (横浜) in Kanagawa Prefecture, the amazing island Yakushima (屋久島) which I would love to visit one day, or the citrus fruit yuzu (ゆず). I also considered … Continue reading

Alone in Kyoto

The title of this blog comes from the wonderful Air song, “Alone in Kyoto”, which I had playing in my head all day last Sunday (27th March). (NB. Video is not mine, it’s from buggyrun, and I just found it on YouTube.) This song seems very appropriate for wandering around Arashiyama, as I did. My … Continue reading