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Japan 2014: Kamaishi

Japan 2014: Kamaishi

I know, I know… I really need to get these posts finished! I’m not quite sure where the year has gone, but back in June I was exploring Kamaishi (釜石) in Iwate Prefecture (岩手県) and now it’s about time I told you about it. Kamaishi was not a place I had heard of until 2011, … Continue reading

Message from Japan

Four months ago today, everything changed in Japan. The March 11th Tohoku earthquake and tsunami is something we will never forget. Now, more than ever, Japan needs you. Japan is a safe, beautiful, fascinating country, and the people of Japan need your tourism now more than ever. Today I saw a video, featuring the Japanese … Continue reading

Blog for Japan

So many organisations are being set up to collect donations of money and useful items (such as nappies, socks, toothbrushes, etc.) for Japan right now. It’s hard to know who to support, and impossible to support everyone. I feel like I want to help in some way. Some of my friends have got involved in … Continue reading