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A-Z of Japan: V is for…

What a struggle it has been to think of something to write about for this week’s A-Z of Japan. Apart from Digimon characters and the manga “Vampire Hunter D”, there aren’t really many things beginning with V in Japanese culture. Actually, the letter V doesn’t even exist in Japanese. However, I was looking through some … Continue reading

Support Japan Bra

I just read this on Daily Gossip.org: Triumph Creates “Support Japan Bra”. Apparently, “The popular lingerie manufacturer Triumph created a new and odd model named “Support Japan Bra”. The lingerie doesn’t consist only in bras, but in differed lingerie pieces. They all carry messages of encouragement for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan.” Hmm. The … Continue reading

My word for 2011: Danshari (断捨離)

Danshari (断捨離) will be my word for 2011. When I told my Japanese co-workers this, they looked at me with puzzled expressions. They had never heard this word! I first learned about the word on a blog called “Create Eat Happy“. That blog explains “danshari” as follows: 断捨離 (danshari) means to throw away unnecessary stuff. … Continue reading