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Kekkon: Japanese Wedding Costumes

Kekkon: Japanese Wedding Costumes

I went to a fascinating talk at Asia House the other night called Kekkon: Japanese Wedding Costumes (‘kekkon’ (結婚) means ‘marriage’). The event was part of a series of events exploring the themes of love and marriage in an Asian context through theatre, literature, discussion, dance and music. The main speaker at the event was Suzanne Perrin, Cultural … Continue reading

Tokyo’s oasis of calm

I don’t know about you, but I love Meiji Jingu. To me, Meiji Jingu is like a cool, oasis of calm in the heart of Tokyo. Tokyo is a wonderful place but, like any major city, the hustle and bustle can get a bit much sometimes. Meiji Jingu is a good place to escape to … Continue reading

Yo! Sushi

I’ve been back in England about a week and have been having some real pangs of “homesickness” for Japan, and cravings for Japanese food. Today, April 29th, was a day when most people in England were making the most of an extra day off work and celebrating the royal wedding.  I and my mum were … Continue reading