Kumo Lumo – a kawaii new iOS game!

I’m not a huge gamer, but when I stumbled upon Kumo Lumo this evening I was curious because, of course, it has some kind of Japanese connection…

‘Kumo’ (雲) is Japanese for ‘cloud’ (also for ‘spider’, but spelt differently – クモ). Interestingly, the Japanese below ‘Kumo Lumo’ in the picture above says「クラウド光輝」(kurawudo (cloud) kouki), which translates directly as “cloud brightness” or “cloud splendor”.

Kumo Lumo is a brand new iOS game (that means you can play it on Apple devices like an iPad or iPhone, but not Android) from Blitz Games Studios, published by Chillingo. You can find out more about the origin of Kumo Lumo on this blog (Meet Lumo), which explains how the design for Kumo Lumo came about from a combination of doodles and some research into graffiti/street art and Japanese sub-culture. There will be an event (which I’m gutted I can’t attend) this Thursday (18th October) at Graffik Gallery in Notting Hill, London, to present an exhibition that will show some of the biggest and best urban artists in the UK alongside artwork created exclusively by Team Lumo themselves. The exhibition will feature artwork from Tom Lewis (who you will have seen on Haikugirl’s Japan recently), Andrew McAttee, DeadCert, International Nobody and Static.

So, what’s the game like? First, check out this trailer:

What do you think? I’s cute, isn’t it? And that cloud has attitude! I love how he says “aaw yeah!” To hell with Angry Birds – this is the game I’m going to be playing on my iPad! It’s ridiculously kawaii, ever-so cool, and blindingly addictive. I love it!

Billed as a “rain ’em up”, Kumo Lumo brings together unique kawaii artwork with a completely new style of game. The game seems to be suitable for all ages, and is really easy to play (but not so easy that it’s boring). The basic concept is to use rain to grow forests and put out fires, and use lightning bolts to zap enemies. You, the player, control Kumo Lumo, whizzing him around the world on his mission to protect the environment and save the world from all the baddies. I actually really felt like I was the “good guy” whilst I was playing it!

And do you want to know the best thing? It’s available FREE from Apple App Store! (*^_^)v

For more information, check out:

Kumo Lumo website

Kumo Lumo on Facebook

Kumo Lumo on Twitter

(I’d just like to add that, while I do sometimes get asked if I will review things, in this case I wasn’t asked at all and have no connection with the game or artists. I just think it’s really cool.)

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