Meet Chihiro!

Introducing… Chihiro!

Momiji - Chihiro

Chihiro is the latest addition to my Japanese doll family. Rather than being a traditional kokeshi (こけし) doll, Chihiro is a modern Momiji doll, and she’s a bit of a Hello Kitty fan if this fabulous Sanrio collaboration is anything to go by!

I also got a Chihiro keyring and a Stella badge. Stella is so cute with her Hello Kitty handbag!

Momiji - Chihiro doll & keyring, and Stella badge

Momiji dolls are message dolls – inside each one is a tiny folded card for the giver to write a message on. I’ve been given a couple of these dolls before, and now have three in my collection. Aren’t they lovely?

Momiji collection

Flowers, Chihiro & Peaches

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