Oricon: Oriental Delight and Manga Anime Desire

21st December was a very nasty, rainy day, but I had made a plan to spend the day in Salisbury for my birthday. I intended to take photos and sightsee, but it just wasn’t the weather for it. In the end, wet and cold, we gave in and started wandering back to the station. Then, glowing in the gloom, I spotted Oricon:


A friend had mentioned that somewhere in Salisbury there was a shop selling manga and anime goods, but she couldn’t remember exactly where it was or what it was called. I was so happy to find it!

Bouncing around like a kid in a candy store, I delightedly poked around the tiny, cramped shop. The shelves were bursting with ‘oriental delight’ and ‘manga anime desire’ just as promised on the shop front.

In the end, I settled on a new My Neighbour Totoro (となりのトトロ) hoodie:

Totoro hoodie

And a matching bag:

Totoro bag

Cute, cute, cutey cute cute!

I’m not sure if these are official goods – I suspect not – but they’re very cool, and were reasonably priced. Wish I had a Japanese event to go to now so I could use them!

6 thoughts on “Oricon: Oriental Delight and Manga Anime Desire

    • Oh don’t – I’m a disaster in Kiddyland, and you should see me in the Rilakkuma Store! I’m going to need an extra suitcase next time I’m in Japan… and a very flexible credit card! 😉


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