Tokyo Rising

Tokyo Rising is an urban exploration documentary produced by VICE Media and sponsored by Palladium Boots, which highlights different cities across the world and the creative youth behind them. The host, Pharrell (of N*E*R*D), travels to Tokyo and explores how the youth are rising to meet the challenges of the “3/11 disaster” and asking the question of what comes next for this resilient global metropolis.

Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and producer Pharrell Williams has always been fascinated with Japanese culture. His frequent involvement with the arts and fashion communities of Tokyo made him a natural choice to lead our exploration. From his two-year collaboration with Tokyo-born artist Takashi Murakami to create the artwork entitled Simple Things that kicked off the official opening of Art Basel Switzerland in 2009 to Nigo of A Bathing Ape fame designing the cover of Pharrell’s solo debut In My Mind, the creative forces of Tokyo have been a constant source of inspiration for Pharrell throughout his many projects. He has been a great supporter of relief efforts for the Japanese citizens affected by the incidents of 3/11. He jumped at the chance to visit the metropolis that has had such an impact upon him as an artist and as an individual.

I became aware of this programme when someone from VICE Media contacted me to ask if they could use my photo. My name is credited at the end of Tokyo Rising (although Muskett is spelt with only one ‘T’), but my photo doesn’t actually seem to appear on the show. Anyway, I found Tokyo Rising really interesting, so please check it out if you have time.

Tokyo Rising

(Some of the above text is taken from Palladium Boots website.)

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