Step Inside Japan

I’m incredibly proud to say that InsideJapan Tours, the travel company I work for, has recently released a stunning interactive website which allows you to explore the wonderful country of Japan, and here it is… Step Inside Japan!

StepInside Japan

Step Inside Japan encourages the user to ‘explore’ Japan by scrolling across the country and clicking on the bits they like the look of. The website features gorgeous graphics with cute little animations, such as this cute snow monkeys one:

When you click on the map you are taken straight into a Google Maps street view of the area. I’ve just spent a rather pleasant 10 minutes or more simply wandering around Mount Koya…

StepInside Japan - Mount Koya

If you’re not sure where you want to go, why not shake the dice and click on the ‘random location’ button and take a mystery tour? You might find yourself looking at a stunning view, or simply standing by the roadside in the middle of nowhere, but that’s the fun of it!

Random location #1 - Shirakawago

Random location #1 – Shirakawago

Random location #2 - Somewhere in Shizuoka

Random location #2 – Somewhere in Shizuoka

Random location #3 - A road in Ehime

Random location #3 – A road in Ehime

Hours of fun! (*^_^)v I think I’d rather lose myself in an interactive map of Japan than endless cat videos on YouTube

So, what are you waiting for? Step Inside Japan! Whether you’re planning a trip, you can’t quite afford it yet but wish you could go, or you simply can’t get enough of Japan, you’re sure to enjoy getting beneath the surface of the country with this fabulous interactive map.

StepInside Japan

Find out more about the fantastic holidays InsideJapan Tours offers here: InsideJapan Tours. And check out the InsideJapan Tours blog for some jaw dropping facts about Japan. Oh, and if you’re curious about other parts of Asia, why not explore those too… Step Inside Burma & Step Inside Vietnam. Happy exploring!

One thought on “Step Inside Japan

  1. A charming asset to entice a multitude of people to the world of Nihon. I love the wandering through the host of features, ‘stumbling’ on fascinations that exist in a multitude of aspects in this intriguing nation that nourishes the soul with its beauty.


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