Shami-sensational by Hibiki Ichikawa

The UK’s number one Tsugaru shamisen player Hibiki Ichikawa is back with a sensational new album, aptly called ‘Shami-sensational’. This fantastic album contains 8 new tracks, featuring the shamisen player himself, as well as guest vocals from Akari Mochizuki and instruments from a number of other contributors.

Shami-sensational by Hibiki Ichikawa

Shami-sensational by Hibiki Ichikawa

Check out some samples from the album in this nifty little trailer:

I really like every track on the album, but my absolute favourite has to be ‘396’. It sounds so modern, has a great beat and also features a Japanese flute (not sure if it’s the shakuhachi or the shinobue – both feature on the album). I could imagine the tune being used in a movie soundtrack. The final track, ‘Lua’ is also pretty ace. Again, it has a fantastic modern sound to it, with an electric guitar complimenting the shamisen, and sounds like it could easily be used in a movie or anime. ‘396’ doesn’t seem to be online anywhere, but here’s the video for ‘Lua’, featuring Brighton beach at night…

‘Shami-sensational’ is available to purchase now – see Hibiki Ichikawa’s Facebook page and official website for more information.

Hibiki Ichikawa

Hibiki Ichikawa

(Images courtesy of Facebook)

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